May 23, 2004

No Sex, We're German

I tend to look a bit suspiciously at any story that sounds too funny to be true.

Case in point, the German couple that didn't know how babies were made due to their religious upbringing. For example, see Ananova's version here.

I avoid forwarding stories that fail the "smell test" to my friends. I especially avoid using them as jumping off points to make public policy recommendations.

Xrlq and Snopes both do a good job debunking the story (although "unverified" is as far as Snopes is currently claiming).

I highly recommend Xrlq's link; in it he lays out the process by which he came to the determination that the Mirror is probably just demonstrating its usual fact-checking skills on this story.

Posted by jeffreyb at May 23, 2004 02:44 PM
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