January 17, 2005


I left this response to a comment on TalkLeft (scroll down), but since I'm not sure it went through, I thought I'd go ahead and post it here.

Wellston Smith writes: That's how the GOP operates: They permit nobody to break ranks and criticize any aspect of their thought-collective. Anybody who does is instantly McCarthy'd as a "sellout" and traitor to the cause.

Yeah, that's why pro-choice folks like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Condoleezza Rice, and Rudy Giuliani are kept far away from the levers of power, and pro-war leftists like Ed Koch and Ron Silver aren't invited to any Vast Right Wing Conspiracy events.

I'd offer more examples, but I'm going to the local Church of God with Signs Following potluck supper and law school textbook burning we're hosting for those vile libertarians Glenn Reynolds and Eugene Volokh, so I need to make this quick.

That's why they've been so remarkably silent on the Armstrong Williams issue.

Yeah, nobody [1] has [2] said [3] anything [4] at [5] all [6]. Probably because this is such common practice among conservative authors, that Republicans have already developed a comeback plan for him.

On second thought, he might have been engaging in satire. It's hard to tell sometimes.

Posted by jeffreyb at January 17, 2005 06:18 PM
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