August 02, 2004

21st Century Fundraising

The small town of Atkinson, Nebraska, has hit on a brilliant idea. From the Omaha World Herald:

"This is better than a town bake sale because it will raise more money and all the goods aren't being bought by the same local people who've already given money to everything under the sun," Totten said in a telephone interview Wednesday.

"All of sudden, you have someone in France helping build a new library in Atkinson," he said.


Totten [...] earns his living selling items on eBay. This spring, he was hired by eKnowledge Institute Inc. of Boca Raton, Fla., to teach others how to sell things online.

That led to a meeting with his mother in Kansas City, where Totten was giving his first seminar. Mack also had used eBay to help clean out her closets, and she is involved with several Atkinson civic groups. Their conversation turned to how things were going in Totten's hometown.

Mack said there are plans for a new library and an addition to the hospital, but, as always, it was hard to raise money when asking the same people, over and over, for donations.

"Why can't we take eBay a step further?" she asked.

Hat tip: my Dad, who lived in most of western and central Nebraska. Atkinson has possibly the best claim to be his hometown. Dad lived there four years, in only four different houses. His sister was born towards the end of the period, which perhaps explains why his parents weren't quite as peripatetic as usual.

Update: Bought a book from them! More auctions for Atkinson here

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