May 09, 2005

Chicken Ticketed for Crossing Road

From an AP article in the Washington Post: Chicken Ticketed for Crossing Road

RIDGECREST, Calif. -- Linc and Helena Moore may have finally learned the answer to that age-old question: Why did the chicken cross the road? Because the chicken doesn't know jaywalking is illegal.

Kern County Sheriff's Deputy J. Nicholson does know, however. The deputy issued a ticket on March 26 to one of the couple's chickens for impeding traffic on a road in Johannesburg, a rural mining community southeast of Ridgecrest...

There's more details in the article, including the Moore's claim that the police are selectively prosecuting them because they've been kicking up a fuss over the Sheriff's department not doing enough to stop off-road vehicle drivers.

Trial date is scheduled for May 16th.


The chicken and its owners are safe. Quoth the BBC

US chicken ducks jaywalking fine
The fine was dismissed after a lawyer for the bird's owners argued that the fowl was domesticated and could not be classified as livestock.

California law bans livestock from highways, but not domestic animals....

The Moores are seeking legal assistance in pursuing a harassment claim against the local sheriff's office.

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