September 06, 2005

The MCAT and I

Over the weekend, I thought I'd take a practice MCAT. No real reason, although I've been curious about med school for the past few weeks. My scores were as follows:

Verbal Reasoning
Score: 14Percentile Rank: 78-90%

So my VR score was as good as those of the top seventy-eight to ninety percent of students who took the MCAT. That's disappointing. I usually score pretty close to perfect on this sort of test, a consequence of the appalling amount of time I spend with my nose in a book.

Physical Sciences
Score: 8Percentile Rank: 25-35%

Ouch. Well, I took physics in college twelve years ago, and haven't taken chemistry since high school. But too much of the exam featured me scratching my head, and wondering if I could have properly answered the question back then.

Paradoxically, the only thing I was solid on was gases.

Natural Sciences
Score: 12Percentile Rank: 73-81%

Not a bad result! It's a tribute to the amazing job Professor Huffard did. I took Intro. Bio. during the Summer of '94. It was easily the hardest class I'd ever attempted. Huffard was notorious for teaching the pre-med weeder at GW. His thought was: "Why wait until organic chemistry to find out that you don't want to be a doctor?" Class was four days a week, and every other day I'd meet with a study group and spend another few hours frantically paging through notes. Lysosomes and Telophases and Batesian mimicry, oh, my!

The only parts of the Natural Sciences exam that posed serious problems dealt with organic chemistry, a subject with which I am utterly unfamiliar.

All told, these are pretty good scores. Were I just out of college, with a 3.5 and the required classes, they'd be good enough to get me into a lower-tier med school. Not that I managed a 3.5 as an undergrad...

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