May 12, 2006

My Weekend Crime Spree

Last Friday, I was shot by an arrow.

Then I got drunk and caused a multi-car accident.

Then, after an explosion at my crystal meth plant, I carjacked someone and was racing to escape with my hostage when I ran off the road and into a pedestrian, and finally was shot through the chest after a gun battle with the cops.

How was your weekend?

the victims!

No, it wasn't real. It was loads of fun, even if I didn't get to go up in a helicopter. A bunch of fellow EMT-B students and myself volunteered to be victims at the Night Ops training session for Fairfax Fire & Rescue Academy recruits.

Hammered home were the following lessons:

1. Pay attention to the scene! Don't just stop and focus all your attention on the first thing you see.
2. If you have time, go through the whole of the SAMPLE history and OPQRST. Make notes! If you don't know whether or not a question has been asked, go ahead and ask it again, if only because it gives you the chance to...
3. Reasses your patient's vitals and mental status. Notice if your patient stops breathing.
4. Don't let the patients get you flustered.

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