September 29, 2006

UCB @ Google

The University of California - Berkeley is making available complete videos of the lectures for its introductory undergraduate classes on Google Video. Quality is pretty good, and overall they seem to have done an excellent job.

I wish I'd found them sooner, as I've been out with the flu all week and this would have been something good to watch. Better late than never -- right now I'm "taking" Integrative Biology 131 - Human Anatomy.

Props to Joanne Jacobs for the link.


Actually, Berkeley's webcast page is better interface. Better layout, more courses. I think what they're doing is using Google video as their archiver. Quality is a bit clearer on Google, plus you can download the videos as opposed to just stream them.

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September 08, 2006

A Pox On Both Their Houses

There's something of a brouhaha on the "right side" of the blogosphere in regards to the open threats by Harry Reid and others to pull ABC's broadcast license if they broadcast an unflattering 9/11 documentary.

Unfortunately, Republican hands are not entirely clean with respect to this sort of behavior. My congressman, Tom Davis, threatened to have Major League Baseball's antitrust exemption looked at if George Soros' consortium won ownership of the Washington Nationals. Here's the DCCC
quoting Roll Call

I suppose the Dems may be worse in terms of the number and prominent position of those making the current round of threats, but on the other hand it's something that's received more press. It's a shame; I was planning on voting "D" for the first time ever for Davis' Democratic opponent Andrew Hurst, but now I'll likely wind up throwing my vote away on the Libertarian.

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