June 15, 2008

The Avian Flu's Back...

and so am I!

Hong Kong may have banned imports from the UK due to an outbreak in Oxfordshire, but that didn't help them much. A few days later, imports from China were suspended as yet again H5N1 was found at a Hong Kong market. Five out of twenty excrement samples tested positive, states that last article, but what that means is a little unclear; is it one chicken per excrement sample? One vendor per sample? What is the rate of false positives/negatives? Do chickens test positive only when the virus is active, or will a chicken which "won out" continue to test positive for however many months afterwards? As usual, most news articles don't go into the depths that the obsessive would appreciate.

Flu Sign

The above is a picture of a warning sign taken earlier this year, at the Hong Kong Botanical and Zoological Garden. They're pretty paranoid over there about bird flu and other scary emerging illnesses. It isn't without reason; through trade contacts, Hong Kong has intimate ties with the rest of Asia, where poor people with bad health systems are in close contact with all sorts of different animals (and their diseases).

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